Service Summary

Gobest Logistics Service' SCM services offer distinct capabilities above and beyond what a single 3PL or consulting firm can provide to leverage the combined technology capabilities of consultancies, technology providers and third party logistics providers to make the clients' logistics process more efficient.



SCM consultancy

Through the analysis of client organizations' critical path supply chain processes and functions, creates/deliver supply chain solutions that will meet clients' needs.


Service provider management

The screening and selecting of service providers in accordance with customers' requirements, negotiation of contract rates and terms, and evaluation of performance of service providers, on behalf of the customer.


Transportation order-cycle management

The centralized management of customers' transportation, including receipt of orders, tendering to optimal carriers, tracing from point of pick-up to point of delivery, and analyzing and reporting.


Operational optimization

The optimization of logistics costs through daily execution of transportation order-cycle management.

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